Healthy Retirement Communities

Healthy Retirement Communities

Today’s retirees share a common goal: To Stay as Healthy as Possible as Long as Possible

Until recently, however, it has been difficult to determine which retirement communities best facilitate that goal. Thanks to the results of a new survey and this website, both initiatives of Senior Hospitality International, the task just got a whole lot easier.

The communities on these pages have been recognized as Healthy Retirement Communities™ for providing “Retirement Living at its Healthiest™.”

To receive this honor, communities had to achieve a superlative HealthyScore on Senior Hospitality International’s HealthySurvey in five areas. (See: The HealthyRCs Project)

Here is the Complete List of HealthyRCs in North Carolina: 

Comprehensiveness Healthiness

The first characteristic that sets HealthyRCs apart is their Comprehensiveness. On a single campus they combine the resort services and amenities of an ACTIVE Retirement Community with the healthcare services and amenities of a SUPPORTIVE Retirement Community. (See: Retirement Community Options). As such, they are able to provide for the current lifestyle “wants” as well as the future healthcare “needs” of active retirees – both being critical elements of a truly healthy retirement environment.

Multi-Dimensional Healthiness

The other characteristic shared by these communities is a focus on the Multi-Dimensional or Holistic Healthiness of their residents. Some communities have a more formalized program than others, but all HealthyRCs invest significant resources (staffing, services, activities, amenities) ensuring their residents stay:

  1. Socially Healthy
  2. Physically Healthy
  3. Nutritionally Healthy 
  4. Intellectually Healthy
  5. Spiritually Healthy
  6. Emotionally Healthy
  7. Vocationally Healthy
    … for as long as possible!

Because every HealthyRC is different, please contact each one directly to discover their distinctive philosophy of healthiness, wellness & fitness, as well as their uniquely multidimensional approach to keeping their residents healthy.

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